A Leading metal trading company based in London, with prime focus on recycled metals.


MTL is a member of the following UK and international metal recycling industry organisations:


The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) is an international trade federation representing the world’s recycling industry, covering in particular ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper and textiles.  Around 800 companies and national federations from over 70 countries are affiliated to BIR.


MTC Group is amongst the leading trading house of ferrous & Non Ferrous scrap & ferro alloys in India. It plays an important role in providing recyclable raw materials to the industries in India and all over the world. India being the major hub for casting, the group also focuses on the foundries. The group has 35 years of experience in the metal recycling trade and lately, it has also spread its wings to assimilate other sectors such as Ferro Alloys and Automobile.

MTC Group is part of the following associations

  • Gold member of BIR
  • ISRI
  • MRAI
  • Steel Chambers of India
  • Indo-German Commerce
  • Indian Merchant Chambers
  • The Indian Institute of Foundry men
  • Iron Steel Scrap & Ship Breakers Association of India
  • Bombay Metal Exchange
  • Jain International Trading Organization and many more…


Member of :