A Leading metal trading company based in London, with prime focus on recycled metals.


Our vast geographical presence ensures that we can react quickly to the dynamic shifts constantly experienced in the international scrap market. We are not tied to a particular market or a particular trade flow. We survive by being quick and flexible and taking advantage of market shifts

At present, we are shipping over 1000 containers a month from all over UK and Europe both with consignments going mainly to countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand. With excellent working relationships with shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistic companies, railways and stevedores through the world, the company is able to bring logistical support to ensure stable and consistent delivery of scrap worldwide and fulfilment of all parties contractual obligations.

Customer Focus Services

  • Wide Selection of material based on the customer needs
  • Adhere to the highest quality and standards to exceed customers’ expectations
  • Faster delivery time with efficient utilization of right shipping lines with least transit times
  • Accurate Documentation whether it be on Letter of Credit (LC) or Cash Against Documentation (CAD) terms ensuring the
  • same are presented on timely manner as per customers request
  • Flexibility and Adaptability to requested changes
  • Other generic services such as Inspection Certificates, Insurance & Claim Processing

Vendor Focus Services

  • Logistical and Operation Support on a day to day basis
  • Anytime Booking availability including on demand requests
  • Faster payment terms as per the vendor requirements
  • Due to regional presence, quick turnaround time and provide month in – month out consistent business

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